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EarthTrust, the 'impossible missions' team for the environment!

EarthTrust is working against time and working against the odds, to educate the world about dolphin intelligence and abilities in time to halt huge kills which threaten many of their populations. It's a fight we can win: Earthtrust has saved millions of dolphins in past campaigns, and our research has made history in learning about the dolphin mind. This information and these images are changing the world.

EarthTrust has led the world in many efforts to save whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, tigers, rhinos, and a host of endangered species; reforming fiseries and making treaties work. In many of its successes, it has invented the global campaign: not just the first to show dolphin self-awareness, but the folks who led the international campaign to define and ban deep-sea driftnets, who darn near 'invented' dolphin-saving tuna products, who were first into Kuwait in the Gulf war, who invented suitcase DNA labs to stop illegal whaling... in other words, doing the missions that others thought were impossible.

Yet the survival of these efforts themselves is uncertain, and based on the support of people like yourself. Despite its outsized results, EarthTrust is a small organization of dedicated people, pooling their own resources to leapfrog past obstacles and tackle the so-called 'impossible' missions. You ARE needed and you will make a difference!

EarthTrust is tax-deductible for all USA donations! Better still, when you donate appreciated stock, you avoid paying capital gains on its increased value. It's smart, it's easy, and the dolphins DO need your help.

For a full current- year deduction on the market value of your gift of stock, transfer it to:

DTC: 0705
FBO: Earthtrust
Account No: 26304137
PH : 1-800-888-1980
(if you want to speak to a representative)

Earthtrust's tax-exempt number for your records is: 99-0172970

Send us note letting us know you're on the team! Or call Don at the number above!

Any Questions? You can contact Earthtrust's President for non-time-critical help by clicking here. In fact, the whole range of planned-giving tools is available to you. If you want to help, we can find a smart way for you to do it.

To find out how to make a non-stock donation or make your Company an official sponsor, send e-mail to the office of EarthTrust President Don White by clicking here.

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To find out about becoming an EarthTrust Representative, Research Team Member, Volunteer or Intern, send an email note describing your situation, by clicking here.

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Welcome to the team!

Earthtrust can be reached by mail at:
Windward Environmental Center
1118 Maunawili Rd.
Kailua, HI 96734 USA

fax contact is:  206-202-3893
phone messages regarding non-time critical donations may be left at 415-662-3264
general voicemail may be reached at 415-662-3264

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