What the Experts Said
when ET invented Forensic Whale-saving

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New DNA Tests Target Illegal Whaling:
Same-Day DNA Testing Now a Reality

About Earthtrust's
"Saving Whales with DNA" Project

"I'm delighted that Earthtrust is using DNA identification to provide irrefutable
evidence of the illegal sale of whale meat.
Maybe we can't recreate the dinosaurs - but at least we can use DNA
to save these magnificent mammals who still share our planet.
-Arthur C. Clarke,
Scientist, Inventor, Visionary, and
Senior Earthtrust Advisor

"I am convinced of the efficiency of your technique, using the DNA to fight the illegal trade of whale meat, and I hope it will be successfully used. We must seize every opportunity to defend these majestic creatures, vital to the diversity of our water planet."
- Jacques-Yves Cousteau

"The Earthtrust DNA work is perhaps the most innovative contribution to protection of whales that's happened in years. It's probably going to emerge as the preeminent tool for exposing those who seek to destroy whales for profit."
- Sam LaBudde,
Director, Endangered
Species Project

"I must say that I've seen nothing move the Japanese pro-whaling delegation as did Earthtrust's work on whale DNA in the Japanese markets. Please keep this project going."
- Daniel J. Morast, President
International Wildlife Coalition

"The whole idea of the DNA testing is extremely important to any sort
of verifiable observation and inspection program."
-Dave Phillips, Executive Director
Earth Island Institute

"This DNA work is one of those things that comes as a surprise to the commission and totally changes the way in which enforcement can be done. It is just an extremely good piece of work. It means basically that pirate whaling has become a hell of a lot more difficult now than it used to be."
- John Frizell, Director,
Greenpeace International Whale Campaign

"The Earthtrust exposť has proved that japan is awash in pirate whale meat;
it is vital the work be continued"
- Craig van Note,
President, MONITOR

"Earthtrust's initiative has been tremendous.
It's had a very big impact, the ripples of which are still going 'round the world.
It was a story waiting to be told and I'm glad Earthtrust was able to do that."
- Dr Sidney Holt
International Fund for Aniinal Welfare

"Earthtrust is greatly to be commended for its bold initiative
in making DNA analyses of whalemeat sold in Japan. This may
turn out to be the most significant factor of the decade in whale
conservation enforcement. Earthtrust merits the fullest possible
support in continuing to focus on using this new technology to
expose and prevent violations of IWC regulations."
- Robbins Bustow, PhD,
Director Emeritus, Cetacean Society Intemational.

Earthtiust DNA study chosen as one of
the "Best and Worst Events of 1994" -
TIME Magazine, '94 year-end edition

"In the many years that I've known Earthtrust, when it comes to protecting whales and dolphins of the Earth, no group in the world has been more effective.
- Dr. Noel Brown, Director,
Regional Office for North America,
United Nations Environmental Program

"This is thrilling!"
- Steve Galster, Director
Investigative Network


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