History and Accomplishments of Earthtrust

Michael Bailey and Rick Thorpe of Earthtrust assessing environmental damage
in the oil fields of Kuwait shortly after the end of the Gulf War in 1991.
Earthtrust was the first environmental organization in Kuwait following the war.

Earthtrust projects have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Earthtrust exists to innovate, to act, to establish a solution to the problem addressed, and then to see that solution integrated into new or existing systems. No Earthtrust campaign exists without a strategy or goes on forever, although some time scales may be measured in weeks and others in decades.

Seeking closure on completed campaigns is necessary to keep overhead low and innovation fresh. What follows is a brief review of some past campaigns which in part comprise Earthtrust's extraordinary track record.


Kuwait Wildlife Campaign (1991)
Ohana Kai Campaign: Confronting Soviet Whalers (1977)
Penghu: Stopping the Dolphin Slaughters (1990-1992)
North Pacific Driftnet Expedition (1988)
Stopping the Japan Drive Kills, Late 70's & Early 80's
Whale Watching Industry Naturalist Program (1987-1994)
The Hector Protector (1992)
Tiger Campaign (1989-1994)
The UNCED "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro (1992)
Korean Pirate Whaling Expose (1985)
Rhino Campaign (1991-1993)
United Nations Campaign for Driftnet Moratorium (1991)
Investigation into the the Trade in Bear Gall Bladders (1992-4)
Earth Journal (Taiwanese publication) (1993)
River Dolphins (late 1980's)
World's Largest Tuna Firm Adopts Earthtrust's Flipper Standard (1991)

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