Kenny Loggins and Earthtrust
Kenny Loggins and Earthtrust

"Please, make a commitment to get informed and get involved.
It's only with your continuing concern and support
that whale and dolphins will not just survive but thrive,
as the living orchestra of a vital and vibrant sea."
--Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins has long been one of the music world's most ardent and eloquent spokespersons for wildlife conservation. It's only natural, then, that Kenny has also been a part of Earthtrust for many years, and is a member of Earthtrust's International Advisory Board.

Kenny has participated in a variety of Earthtrust ventures, including

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Kenny Loggins Sings for the Dolphins
Photo of Kenny at Project Delphis

In 1992, Kenny Loggins teamed up with Earthtrust researchers to conduct a unique experiment at Earthtrust's dolphin intelligence research lab in Hawaii. This is how Kenny described his experience:

This was the first time I'd ever had a chance to share my music so directly with another species. No one had ever played live music for these dolphins. When they had played recorded music, the dolphins didn't respond at all.

But I played a piece from the This Island Earth album for them, and when I hit a moment in playing the music-when it really started working for me and I was really in the groove-all of a sudden there was a crowd of dolphins in the window, just completely hovering right there with their eyes locked on me.

And what was interesting for me was that if I got where I started to hestitate or hunt for chords, they'd split. And as soon as the groove came back they'd be right back there.

So, it's those dolphins I think of now, and the mysteries they would take with them, if they were gone.

And that's one reason why I support Earthtrust and their innovative dolphin preservation programs.

Earthtrust conducts research like this on dolphins to help people understand what special creatures dolphins are. For example, in 1992 Earthtrust generated scientific evidence strongly suggesting that dolphins have a trait called self awareness, formerly thought to exist only in humans and the higher apes. (Self awareness is demonstrated when an animal or human - when observing itself in a mirror - recognizes its image as itself instead of as another animal.)

Now, Kenny Loggins has teamed up with Earthtrust to help save dolphins, and this blue jewel of a planet we all call home.

Kenny Loggins Benefit Concert
for Earthtrust
Image of Poster for Kenny Loggins Benefit Concert for Earthtrust

On May 5, 1995 Kenny Loggins and his band performed in a benefit concert for Earthtrust at the Sheraton Waikiki ballroom in Honolulu. The show was absolutely fabulous, with the entire band and crew putting on an excellent performance. Opening for Kenny was the Hawaiian group Hapa, on whose first album Kenny performed.

On top of the great music, the concert raised much needed funds for Earthtrust's many wildlife conservation programs. Thank you, Kenny, for your support of both Earthtrust and world wildlife conservation!

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