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International nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the natural environment.


In 1976 in Honolulu by Don White


Donations and grants from foundations, corporations, and individuals.


Don White


Windward Environmental Center

1118 Maunawili Road
Kailua, Hawaii 96734 USA
(808) 261-5339
FAX: (815) 333-1158
E-mail: EarthTrust


This is a summary of some ongoing programs and projects; EarthTrust specializes in custom strategies and consultations in partnership with foundations and visionary individuals

International Dolphin Campaign

International Whale Campaign

Endangered Wildlife Initiative

  • Rhino Campaign
  • Bear Campaign
  • Tiger Campaign
  • Hawaii Wildlife Conservation Campaign:


    Earthtrust is an international nonprofit organization which holds funds in trust for the earth, adhering to high standards of accountability and donor-direction of assets. It works in partnership with sophisticated donors such as foundations and disciplined individuals to change the world.

    Earthtrust preferentially takes on the "impossible missions" which the conventional wisdom says cannot be solved, and solves them. It does independent analyses of crisis situations and crafts novel legal, political, media, and high-tech solutions to leave the issue in a new stable state. It demonstrates these solutions and facilitates handing them off to mainstream groups and agencies.

    The resource tapped by Earthtrust is the individual excellence of large numbers of professional people outside the conservation movement who strongly desire to work for wildlife conservation as part of their life goals. These people are trained and organized and set upon projects which, if successfully completed, will positively change the situation or educate a large number of people.

    The organizational concept of Earthtrust is high tech rather than high overhead. To provide representation from environmental crisis areas around the world, Earthtrust is connected via telephone, computer, fax, and other methods of electronic communication, forming a global network. This makes it possible for projects to be undertaken on much smaller budgets with quicker response, and eliminates the need for a network of large offices.

    The general program philosophy of Earthtrust is to involve small groups of highly capable people in positive, innovative projects aimed at resolving wildlife crisis situations. These projects are centrally planned by the Earthtrust Board, with a global overview; to educate the world public and to set in motion events which can defuse the crisis. These often include actively intervening on behalf of threatened species. Earthtrust's sophisticated use of video and photographic images allows this world public to bear witness to such wildlife crises.

    Earthtrust believes that any long-term protection of wildlife must realistically deal with business economics on an international level. When possible, Earthtrust sets up programs which allow corporations to aid the work of protecting wildlife.

    As a truly international organization, Earthtrust is non-political; working with many nations and governments to encourage long-term political solutions to help protect the earth and its species.

    Membership in Various International Conventions and Groups

    Earthtrusters Keith Highley and Linda Paul at recent CITES Meeting in Florida

    United Nations: Official Non-Governmental Organization Observer. See also United Nations Campaign for Driftnet Moratorium (1991) and The UNCED "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro (1992).

    International Whaling Commission: Official Observer since 1979. See also International Whaling Commission Observer Campaign.

    CITES: Earthtrust sends official representatives whenever funding permits

    Species Survival Network: Founding Member

    Flipper Foundation: Founding member organization. See also the Flipper Foundation in Brief.

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    Windward Environmental Center
    1118 Maunawili Road
    Kailua, HI 96734 USA
    (808) 261-5339