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This page contains WWW links, addresses, phone numbers, etc. that will help you locate other available resources, including:

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Resources for Wildlife Conservation

Many other organizations have information available, either on the World Wide Web or in other forms, that can greatly assist wildlife conservation efforts. Below is just a sampling of good starting points that can help you in your search for other resources:

WWW Pages

The Dolphin Page--A clearinghouse for information on dolphin resources on the WWW.

Earth Information System Page--EIS maintains a directory of environmental organizations, the EcoNews news service, plus much more.

The Marine Mammal Page--Provides links to a variety of cetacean organizations and research groups.

Earth Island Institute--One of the world's leading wildlife conservation organizations.

Econet--Directory of environmental organizations and WWW pages.

World Whale Web, from Great Whales Foundation--Represents cetaceans from their point of view, as far as humanly possible.

Photographers, Videographers, and Artists

Victoria McCormick, Photographer
Photos by Victoria McCormick [sample: 83K gif] are available as follows:

Stock Agency: Animals Animals

11X14 prints of Victoria's photos are also available through:

PO Box 55
Haleiwa HI 96712 USA

Kenny Loggins, Musician
You can visit Kenny Loggins' own home page at http://www.klogginsinfonet.com.

As summarized elsewhere on Earthtrust's WWW page, Kenny has been helping Earthtrust's wildlife conservation efforts for many years.

Thomas Deir, Marine Environmental Artist
Thomas Deir has been an incredible contributor to Earthtrust over the past years, co-chairing, with Cyr-Ann Castle, Earthtrust's annual "celebrity waiter" fundraising events, and contributing use of his artwork to assist in Earthtrust's many endeavors. See Thomas Deir's home page for a look at his stunning art.

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