Whale Watching Industry Naturalist Program

Whale Watch Boat off of Maui. The whales are humpbacks.

During the years 1987-1994, working in close contact with National Marine Fisheries Service, a large cadre of trained Earthtrust naturalists, working under Earthtrust's "Save the Whales International" program, gave educational lecture presentations on whales, dolphins and the preservation of the marine ecosystem to more than 180,000 tourists and residents in Hawaii during the winter whale seasons aboard boats and in hotels. This enormously popular educational program was phased out by the end of 1994 (as Earthtrust campaigns are meant to do) as other organizations also began offering quality presentations, building on the pool of Earthtrust-trained naturalists.

Breaching humpback, as often seen on Hawaii whalewatch trips.
Photo courtesy of Mercer Richards.


Windward Environmental Center
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