Donate Now to EarthTrust!

We offer several ways for you to give, but they share an important quality: we keep your donation under YOUR control at all times. You determine when to start, when to stop, and how much to give. We never have your charge card number or bank account number – that’s handled by firms which are responsible to you and following high accountability standards.

Donate now with Network for Good!


Click this button to donate to ET now through Network for Good!

Network for Good is great because it sends you tax receipts even for small donations. This link is best for sending flexible amounts, and to set up a regular automatic donation.

Donate Now with Paypal!

Make a one-time donation in any amount through PayPal!

Click the “donate” button!

Paypal is a handy way to give through your PayPal account, and the fees associated with it are pretty low, about 2.2% of your donation, which is PayPal’s special rate for qualified nonprofit clients. Thanks!

Donate Stock!

One of the very smartest ways to give is by transferring appreciated stocks to EarthTrust. You get to deduct the full appreciated value from your taxes, and we don’t have to pay capital gains taxes on it like you would have if you’d cashed it in directly.

And it’s super-easy to do.  You just transfer the stock from your brokerage account to ours, and let us know. We handle the donation paperwork, you get the deduction for your tax year, and some really vital work gets done because you stepped up.
For a full current- year deduction on the market value of your gift of stock, transfer it to:

DTC: 0705
FBO: Earthtrust
Account No: 26304137
PH : 1-800-888-1980 (if you want to speak to a representative)

EarthTrust’s tax-exempt EIN number for your records is: 99-0172970

Send us note letting us know you’re on the team!

Any Questions? email us at Donations@EarthTrust.Org

Donate Property!

If you have appreciated property that goes beyond what you need for a happy life, EarthTrust can work with you to leverage it into support for world-changing conservation and environmental actions and programs.

This includes real estate, tangible personal property, and about anything else with significant net worth. The odds are good we can come up with a tax-advantaged way for you to make a difference in the world.

Planned Giving!

If you’ve heard of “planned giving” through other organizations, you may be happy to hear that the full range of planned giving vehicles is available to help you make a difference in the world through EarthTrust.

Make a Bequest!

It’s easy to add EarthTrust to your estate or final papers, and it will mean your name and your wishes will live on in the programs you decide to make real.

It’s amazingly easy. Just make sure that you clearly designate the organization and it’s identifying number, and its address, in your final documents.

For instance,

“To save the seas from acidification, I leave 50% of my estate to the organization EarthTrust, whose U.S. nonprofit ID number is 99-0172970, and whose contact address is 1118 Maunawili Road, Kailua, HI 96734.”

That’ll do it.

If you’d like advice on adding more detailed language, drop us a note at Donations@EarthTrust.Org, or leave a message for our president to get back to you.