For Teachers Utilizing This Curriculum as a Teaching Tool
- Lead a discussion about niches. Ask each student to define their own particular "niche."

- Much of a dolphin's life revolves around finding food. As a class, make a list of all the adaptations (anatomical, behavioral, physiological) dolphins have undergone to successfully gather all the food they need.

- Four species of dolphins are commonly found in Hawaiian waters. Ask each student to draw a picture of their favorite "Hawaiian" dolphin and write a brief essay explaining why they like that dolphin the most.

- Several methods of catching fish have been determined to be harmful to dolphins (ie., purse-seining, driftnetting). Knowing this, why do you think some countries continue to use these fishing techniques? What would YOU do to try and convince them to stop?

- Discuss the effects of biomagnification in the marine food chain. What effects could this potentially have on humans?

- Lead a discussion about subsistence hunting of dolphins and other marine mammals. Ask students to give reasons why they are in support of subsistence hunting or why they are against it.

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