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Welcome to EarthTrust.

Welcome to real-world environmental results.

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We all live on a wonderful planet called Earth. We inherited a wealth of nature and fellow species.

They are a sacred trust. But through our actions and our inaction, they're being lost.

Along with the earth's ability to feed our grandchildren.

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Wouldn't you say it's time to actively choose our planet's future?

We would.

That's why ET was created.

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EarthTrust specializes in environmental wins that seem impossible to everyone else.

Despite its small size, it repeatedly engages and resolves world-scale issues.

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Using sophisticated strategy analysis, breakthrough science, and real-world campaign experience.

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There are more than 30,000 registered nonprofit environmental and conservation groups in the USA alone.

It can be hard to know which groups to work with.

But the remaining time to save our living world draws shorter.

That's why it matters when an organization shows it can consistently transform large issues.

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We'd like to invite you to get to know ET.

Because the fight for the planet isn't lost yet.

And we'd appreciate your active support.

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So let's take a short tour of ET's wins for the earth, its people, and its wild species.

What notable things has this small group done?

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ET is the most successful dolphin-saving organization in the world.

Its world-changing campaigns have saved millions of dolphin lives to date.

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ET may have saved more marine-life biomass than any other advocacy group, ever...

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By creating and leading the global scientific and PR campaigns to successfully ban deep-sea driftnets...

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...forcing tens of thousands of miles of net out of the seas. Ending the world's largest and most destructive fishing industry in a landmark UN victory.

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Our research lab was the first to scientifically show that dolphins are self-aware beings, like us, changing all the textbooks.

Before EarthTrust, it was believed that only the great apes were self-aware beings.

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Confronting whalers on the high seas? Yes, we've done that, with the first fully-owned whaling campaign ship in history.

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The global victory for "dolphin friendly" tuna was largely created by ET

..with the world's first international licensing standard, new laws, and initiatives that turned the industry around.

Licensed to the world's largest firm, it set the precedent for all dolphin-friendly standards.

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Our undercover operations to save wildlife have often put us toe-to-toe with organized crime wildlife smuggling...

...while we've helped lead the world fight on behalf of endangered species through the CITES treaty.

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Shutting down "pirate whaling" harpoon-ship operations in entire rogue whaling nations?

ET got it done.

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And only one group in the world has permanently shut down a long-running national drive-kill of dolphins.

It seemed impossible, but ET got it done.

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...and did the followup outreach and education to make the victory permanent.

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Which group was it that deployed to Kuwait to stop gushing oil and save wildlife while the missiles were still falling -- and broke an international deadlock on capping the burning wells?

Yes, that'd be EarthTrust again...

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Who invented & fielded undercover DNA analysis for whale and dolphin meat...

...revolutionizing the scientific tracking of illegal whale, dolphin, and wildlife kills?

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All this and more was done by a relatively small organization with an innovative structure and creative methods.

We get it right. And we're not done yet.

You're invited to find out more. And to join with us.

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There's a world we should really try to save together.

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