Creating a campaign for your choice of species

How are ET programs born? Often, when a person with motivation and vision helps us put all the pieces together.

An endangered species, the real world, ET and you.

It’s a preposterous notion, on the face of it. That a group of humans, or even a single key human, might be able to determine the fate of an entire species.

Really, it’s more power than we should have.

Yet we live in strange times. Apocalyptic times for many other species. While we enjoy another half-century or so of unprecedented wealth due to burning through fossil carbon and depleting the world of natural resource concentrations, a very large percentage of the other species will cease to exist.

We’ve been working on behalf of other species for awhile now, since 1976, and we’ve found that it often does come down to a few people and a plan, making the difference between immediate demise of a species or population versus another chance to somehow make it through the human energy-population bottleneck of the 21st century.

At ET, we’re specialist in out-of-the-box approaches. Not once, but repeatedly we’ve taken issues – large, world-scale issues – others have written off as impossible and created stable solutions.

ET exists as a resource you may choose to use.  If so, get in touch. Some of the most successful conservationists got that way by working with us.

A Campaign to Save a Species?

Is there a species that is very near and dear to your heart that is in peril?  Meld you passion, vision and support with EarthTrust!

EarthTrust is  qualified to work with you to research, design and execute a campaign to help protect the wildlife that you love.  We have  years of expertise in analyzing what  works, what doesn’t and how to reach difficult goals. We pull together teams of the best investigators and campaigners to form formidable teams that are effective.

Unfortunately, due to the very nature of mankind and the real world, not all campaigns are successful. While we’ve become known for often doing the “impossible”, we are now faced not just with problems but predicaments. Problems have solutions. Predicaments sometimes mean choosing between bad and worse options.

What IS a Campaign?

Campaigns can range from sending a documentary team to the site of a wildlife kill and working with local politicians (read about our success in stopping the slaughter of dolphins in Taiwan (link) to a multi-year effort such as our anti-driftnet campaign which entailed two open ocean expeditions,  produced  three documentaries,  and other actions such as forming  coalitions and lobbying at Congress and the United Nations.

How much does a campaign Cost?’

Saving  species is rarely inexpensive. Even though EarthTrust has achieved amazing results on shoe-string budgets, funding is always crucial. Campaign costs can run from as low as $5,000 or into the $millions. The planning and structure are crucial. Most money raised and spent on saving species by nonprofit groups achieves very little. We try to set a higher standard.

Where do I start?  

First ask  yourself if you really can dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to raising the funds needed and in helping to do internet research etc if we need to call upon you. We understand if you cannot.  But if you can, the next step is to contact EarthTrust by email or phone.  Tell us about the situation you want to affect – maybe you  just heard about a dolphin kill in Uruguay or boats illegally cutting the fins of of sharks. Or maybe its another species and/or situation  all together. Email us the details. Let us know how involved you can be.

 How Involved do I have to be? 

Often, campaigns are funded by supporters who come to us with their  passion and support. They cannot be hands-on. Others  join our team to go to a site.  There are many options for involvement.