Flipper Fund is EarthTrust’s Dolphin-saving Campaign!

Flipper Fund is the world’s most successful dolphin-saving program.

We do whatever it takes.  Field research, international realpolitic & treaty negotiation, creating law, launching direct action, doing undercover exposes, creating breakthrough science. Conducting award-winning education and ground-breaking public policy campaigns.

We don’t do short-term fixes. We don’t go for publicity for its own sake. We size up the biggest, most difficult threats to dolphins. We steer those critical systems to new stable states, using an advanced toolkit of highly disciplined methods that work in the real world.

We don’t sit around holding protest signs. We change entire global industries, take on organized crime, entirely eliminate destructive fleets. We change the scientific basis for saving dolphins, and understanding them.

We’re those guys.

We’re the earth’s dolphin savers. Join us.

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Contributors to the ET’s dolphin campaigns have been the most successful dolphin-savers in history. With millions of dolphin lives directly saved through our programs and interventions, the cost has been under a dollar per dolphin life saved. Click here now and become part of the solution!