DOL Fund – The Deane Oberste-Lehn Dolphin Fund

Deane named ET’s dolphin programs in her bequest, to keep saving dolphins into the future. You can, too.

The Deane Oberste-Lehn Dolphin Fund

was created by ET Supporter Deane Oberste-Lehn as a bequest, to support dolphin research and dolphin-saving goals.

The DOL Fund provides basic support for the research and dolphin-saving programs of Flipper Fund within EarthTrust.  It has provided maintenance funding for the programs of Flipper Fund, as well as startup funding for the AcidSeas program dealing with the effects of ocean acidification on dolphins.

If you wish to help continue Deane’s work, you may contribute directly to the DOL Fund to support the important work she started.

The DOL Fund should help remind us that it’s possible to do great good even after our personal lives are at an end. We’re honored that she chose ET to help carry out her wishes.

Naming ET in your will is easy, and everyone who cares about the dolphins, or about other issues ET can make a difference in, should consider it. It isn’t really about “giving away”, it’s about defining one’s own life and priorities in a way that can have meaning and make a difference.

Our thanks to Deane Oberste-Lehn, on behalf of the dolphins we hope to save on her behalf.