ET supports and spins off great projects

While ET’s biggest victories have been related to destructive fisheries, marine mammals, nonhuman intelligence and large-scale crisis intervention, there has been a lot more to do.

Sometimes there are projects which just need doing, and we’ll create them. Or we’ll provide support to the very best independent projects out there. Or spin off projects designed to become campaigns that stand on their own.

Get to know our other programs!

Check out the programs we’ve done in the past, and are continuing into the future.

Support the ET Orca Project, which has a decades-long relationship with Orcalab in British Columbia, on the cutting edge of protection for individual orcas and research into this incredible self-aware species with brains far larger than our own.

Learn about ET’s projects to help endangered forests and rare animals.  About the regional work we’ve done, and what we hope to do with your help.

This is a place new campaigns are born, and long-running campaigns are supported.

The fight to save wildlife and safeguard the earth’s ecosystems is ever-changing.  

New programs need to be created and others retired.

If you’ve perused this site, you can see we’re not just a “whale and dolphin” group, or an “ocean protection” group, though we’re proud to be very good at both. Simply put, we try to do the best we can for the life systems of our planet.

That means innovating and being open to doing what needs done.  We hope you’ll do it with us!