ET is international. But it does great local work when given a chance.

Local ET field offices can dig deeply into local environment protection and education. Maybe there should be one near you.

There’s utterly no way to fit it all into this website.

While we can hit the high points of our international campaigns and big victories on this website, much of ET’s work over the years has been the hundreds of smaller local projects and programs – spread all around the world – which act in support of a healthy, diverse environment.

These offices are opened when there is a critical need and a critical mass of good energy.  They tend to be finite in time and space: ET doesn’t keep field offices open unless they’re doing important work and attracting their own support: we never allow them to cut into resources which have been designated for overall goals.

But the good they do often lives on far longer than the project or office itself. Over the years we’ve had field offices in many locations. Taipei. Auckland. Geneva. New York. London. Australia. Canada. All major Hawaiian islands. And many other locations. These have ranged from bands of plucky volunteers to self-supporting operations with over a hundred fulltime staffmembers.

The issues have been varied – from busting illegal wildlife smuggling to school outreach programs, all with a regional flavor.

We’ll put up a few examples here, and perhaps more in the future; because good work deserves to be read about.

The ET Taiwan Field Office

This field office, cored by Keith and Susie Highley, became one of the most important conservation hubs in the world on many issues from net proliferation to wildlife smuggling, to the tiger and rhino campaigns, to campaigns on behalf of primates and human rights. It was central to ending Taiwan’s drive kills and building bridges between asian corporations and future-oriented conservation. Its campaigns included school education work, chinese-language wildlife videos on television, and much else.  Kudos to our Highley-motivated Taiwan office.

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The ET New Zealand group

One regional group which did a great job was the New Zealand field office organized by Kerry & Margo Plowright, Sheryl Gibney, and many others. Originally coalescing around the ET Driftnet campaign, it quickly helped establish the Flipper initiative, participate in the whale and dolphin campaigns, lend personnel to the gulf war cleanup campaign, and much else.

Among many other campaigns, ET NZ published and distributed the national NZ Green magazine.

But by being there and guided by the ET principles, it also took on numerous local and regional issues and shaped those issues. These ranged from buying and deploying the “Hector Protector” ultralight plane to survey endangered Hectors’ dolphins, to replanting an endangered Pohutakawa forest on an offshore island, to a program of national marine sanctuaries, an environmental alliance with many NZ-based corporations, mobilizing a NZ whale and dolphin stranding response team, and doing outreach throughout the country for years, and the nationally-distributed “NZ Green” Magazine.

So a tip of the hat the the many people of the NZ field office and the permanent things they accomplished.

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